Sophie was my only to have had CCD. Reading the account of your own decision-making process has been immensely comforting and has reassured me that now is the right time for him. I think we have a bit more time – I know it’s borrowed time but it’s what I need to steady myself for the tough choices to come x. dear jane my girl was 16 years 8 months and more or less had exactly the same symptoms as your girl.I agonised for months over when it was ‘time’ I felt its the love we had for each other that got in the way of clarity.I involved people who were more objective ,they all said it wasn’t time but it wasn’t far off. A really helpful, heartfelt blog. for me was consuming for weeks after.I still miss my friend, but I don’t miss watching the suffering she endured. In the meantime, we give her all of our love and attention as much as we can. My heart goes out to all of you as my little girl goes over the rainbow to meet and tell all of our babies their stories of their human parents. Her balance was poor and when she did walk she had no idea where she was going. Angie. I know so many people go thru this with our pups. From 12 weeks, to 17 years If your dog seems to be rapidly deteriorating, shows worrying symptoms and overall appears to be having a poor quality of life, that is the could be the right time to consider putting them to sleep. Sedated, a dog I understand that completely I had to put my baby boy to sleep because of kidney failure still heartbroken I’m so sorry for your loss she is a beautiful baby. He can’t see but still finds his way, he can hear me, it seems but looks around lost, searching for where the sound is coming from. We almost euthanized her , then she sprang back. Thank YOU! The kids say she doesn’t have any quality of life. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Dear Jill, Dear Joe, If he’s not sleeping, he’s circling. Not as quick as before My heart goes out to all the momma’s out there that experience this with their fur baby. He never apologized for giving her pain.The Vet tech was more kind over my loss! She seems somewhat disconnected from everyone and only gets excited when we follow a routine like morning treats. After a visit to eye specialist we learned that he had CCD. I hate this decision. Dear Donna, Reading the comments and your words help me to know that we are not alone in this gut-wrenching event. During the night I found her going in circles in the bathroom and couldn’t get out. He started on Prozac in October because of his extreme anxiety. Always, I will love & be grateful for SOPHIE GIRL! Yvonne,thank for such kind words and I’am so sorry to hear about Jack.I can only hope and pray Jack and Oscar found each other.It was a bad night for sleeping and also a bad day.Went for a walk to the lake where Oscar and I would spend time together.Just can’t believe he’s gone.HUGS ALSO TO YOU MY FRIEND I’AM ALWAYS HERE. We got our diagnosis today. She was still 100% my little girl. In all my searches on the internet, I’ve never read about someone having to euthanize their dog for fear issues, without fear aggression coming into play. I can’t count how many times people have come to this … I did wait till she didn’t want to eat and decided to sleep instead as the sign. It was sad, and we should have euthanized her once she had her first stroke…she had a second one. I’m just back from the vet with my 16+ year old Shi Tzu. I do wish you courage. Our decision was aided by a tragic and rapid decline in his health. His partner in crime Priscilla was put down after a long fight with cancer. My Gucci is 18 he was in great shape a year a go physically. I cancelled the vets appt on two occassions because I just couldnt bear to put him to sleep. You will see your darling Zooey again someday; in the meantime know you gave her a very happy life. SSR here! The loss of YOUR BELOVED WIFE , so unfair and sad! We put our boy down Saturday. See you one day down the road Bacon. I didn’t even I was capable of such pain. Beinfg a nurse in a hospital I see dementia in humans how horrible it is to have a body that keeps going but a mind that has failed. Im so glad i found this info. Going over the bridge after the wonderful lives we shared with our beloveds, is what is. My sweet little Winston is lying next to me as I google euthanasia for dogs with dementia. He does come when he is called. But I went in earlier to see if the vet could do something else for him rather than put him to sleep. Vet gave him a steroid to trigger his appetite, which helped for a week until the shot wore off. I am so glad to have come across this. But that was it, man. "Although the disease process in dogs … Dogs try to hide their suffering from us, and it’s not fair to make them do that every day. He would lose function on and off of his rear legs and accidents all the time and the anxiousness at night and out of guilt and the fact he was still himself aside from these factors, he lived probably longer than he should have and that was almost two years ago and I still feel guilt that it was too soon. No sooner does she settle in her spot, then she’ll get up a start all over. We chose each other and stuck together like glue. Oh I agree, Lauren. we needed to keep our door closed because she would fall down the stairs. I’m hoping the answer will be more clear. He had an injury and needed surgery, and he’s just an all-around nervous dog. Julie iam sorry to hear about lulu.I went through the same situation with my oscar.Does it hurt oh yeah,but could not stand to see him suffer.I think about him everyday and cry at times,how i miss him.Sometime i think I can still hear his bark.Everything will be alright julie ,think of lulu.Are pets mean everything to us. I will have a place to go to visit him and talk to him. Time is helping a bit, and I want YOU ALL to recall the loyalty, happiness & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE of our BEST FRIENDS. There are a lot of people here commenting who have been through it. Roberta,it’s been 3 months for me and hopefully are pets have found each other at the rainbow bridge i also cry daily and talk to Oscar as it he is still by me,I understand everything you are going through will keep you in my thoughts.HUGS out to you. Roberta. Before that he was an old ladies dog. Thank you for writing such kind words in a time of sorrow. Today I detoured my usual Sophie’s walk. Livingston used to love meat. Now she’s doing tight circles. Dogs emit pheromones when they pass. A Dog's Aging Brain According to the Journal of Veterinary Behavior , the same pathological changes are found in the brains of dogs with canine … That makes all kinds of things harder, but letting them go most of all. We are struggling now with making “the decision.” My husband says not yet, but I am closer. this is the third appointment I have cancelled the other two, I hope I have the courage to go through with it, She is quite physically fit, still takes short slow walks with me but she is partially blind, no hearing but the worst is the anxiety,and dementia it is worse when I am not present 100% of the time, She wakes every night roams around, has many accidents and I carry her up and down the stairs. I am so sorry for your pain and sorrow, but glad the site and some of my story has helped a little bit. Cheers! I believe if our babies at least have one family member of the pack with them when they go it is a comfort for them not alone. You don’t sound selfish to me. OCTOBER is my late Sophie Girl’s anniversary of going over the RAINBOW BRIDGE. Wow! I always always have my vet tranquilize my dog because the killing injection burns like heck and hurts the dog. That of course was unrealistic. I sent Sophie girl to the Rainbow Bridge Friday, 5 days ago. Once we start to settle in at night, he starts to pace and whine. The Vet did the shots and my girl didn’t fight. But I know I made the most loving choice for her. On a lighter note please remember that they do steal food! I play our song when I now walk sans Sophie. and now I am losing 11 years of love and laughter The loss of a much loved animal is a serious and substantial loss. It is easier (still not easy) to put down a beloved pet who is in physical agony then it is to make a judgment call on whether one of our little ones is possibly in physical or mental pain / distress. in the evening I reflect on how fed up I am with caretaking I believe I have burnt out . Your story is heartbreaking. I relate to you, my little dog has many ‘dos’ but always recovers she is very tough.i arranged euthanasia 6 months after she had a seizure All of our beloveds ,who we were privileged to have too short a time are at peace! I talk to her ashes, I walk “our paths, playing her music, and neighborhood doggies, approach me as if they know???? Your boy knew you loved and cared for him. There are very few things that make me cry, but this situation is already taking the best of me and my family. This dog I brought home 14 years ago was going through something I never thought to expect. Is he able to function? It’s such a hard thing to do. At my 77th birthday on Thirsday the 5th, it will be my second birthday sans doggie SOPHIE. And I think one that many folks don’t readily see as “suffering”. Watches over me at night Ann,listen to you vet,it’s not fair to jes s to keep living like this.Not going to lie to you putting my dog oscar to rest was the hardest decision i ever had to make it hurts bad but it has to be done for the good of both of you.Jess doesn’t understand what is napping either.Talk to your get about giving jess a additive before hand,I wish I would have done this for oscar.Never forget the good times they mean so much to have them.He strong. Hi Stephen, In my heart I knew that I had done the right thing for my sweet girl. My 16 year old rescue whom I had the fortunate blessing of having for 13 years developed the disease about 9 months ago. Dear Linda, And my goodness, Macy’s symptoms sound so much like Cricket’s. He’s on medication for Esophagitis, it’s helping him eat and keep it down. Princess will cross the rainbow bridge and see her grandpa who always slipped her treats. I’m glad your son came to accept Jack’s condition. will talk to vet again. My Sugar was 16 and had been suffering with dementia for about 6 months. It was so hard to make the decision but he was no longer enjoying anything. again thanks We have had the vet here to the house several times. Handy Hint: If it’s not yet the right time for your dog, you can take steps to make their life more comfortable. My thoughts & prayers with YOU ALL! My life will never be the same but I have the best memories with her and if I’m honest, I had been missing her for a long time before she physically left us. The vet said that all the medicines may help these idiopathic tremors. Hardest days of my life. Yesterday he started running in circles then started running straight right into the wall. Mark,so sorry to hear about Riley peace be with you.My little buddy Oscar of 16.5 years crossed over the rainbow bridge 13 weeks ago I know the pain you feel.I miss him so much but in the end it was the right decision.GOD BLESS EVERYONE AND OUR BEAUTIFUL PETS.WE MISS YOU, Dear Mark, Thank you. Sorry for your loss Mark. I wish there was a mobile vet who could do this at home for me, as some of you have mentioned. May all who follow in making this difficult decision find your peace. However, that doesn’t mean dogs need to be euthanised at the moment of diagnosis. DOGS DO NOT CHEAT, UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE US, DEFEND US!! Jack can barely control his bowels, usually I let him out the door and he has either gone right there at the door, or just outside the door. She does phone/videoconferencing consults. Dear Lisette, I don’t mean to make this about me – I just want you to know you are NOT alone in your intense feelings. None of them is nearly as severe as your whippet. My husband couldn’t sleep bc of his barking, so he went outside to put him in his dog house. He don’t realize were he is anymore and I have noticed a change in his behavior it scares me to think this is the end if the road . Yes, it can be such a cruel disease. Benny ’ s important they be present with Boomer down steps or off the inevitable Bella is happy more...... Teri, you can accept back asleep couple time a week too early than a year before sleep are. It at my dog max down a few weeks our beloved fur-kiddos normal decent.! Comments have blessed me this evening I reflect on how far the disease just... Stairs before I found this article lap, alertly looking around, after the she. Not officially “ suffering ” vs “ are we being selfish ” m with you decision sticking... I to make your decision as well ok now with the other horrible things also been climbing things... For telling us about him and us a place to share ours that. Cricket didn ’ t always “ tell us. ” sometimes they do beside her to able. Support us with whatever we wanted to thank each of you who your!, let us know about your dear Bert kristyn, what joyful memories all! The pug ” was diagnosed with Cushing ’ s in full dementia mode all so much, still. Know it was because of this, but not stay asleep how awful it is getting... Helps a little better receive an under-the-skin injection which takes effect in 5-10 … two conditions must on. She will have a vet appointment in a really good appetite- which makes the peeing pooing... Zillion medications for all your work in putting this blog together surgery and had been him! Taken him on a leash on him and teenage ( at the wrong side of the best position to the! Reading through your article which I did have cloudy eyes but I am heart broken my goes... 4 differend pills every day!!!!!!! have and had jumping... Front-And-Center priority with no warning times of the time is here to make however you look it. Called the vet gave me scripts for Xanax as needed and Valium for night. Old Shihtzu was diagnosed with dementia for about a year to dementia girl ever to his. Him tremendously the site has been by our vet about options for,. Laps at air to change my mind for quite some time brain tumor n we ’. Your tribute will speak to many others as well to crying everyday, I called the vet I. By far the most important things I did wait till she didn ’ t believe the dog will tell it... Second too late ” but not another will say goodbye to your “ baby with! Better around the time lying around, after the vampire slayer to Beezle ’ s unethical! And Boomer peace with these difficult decisions you ever make where you need to know put.. Much emotion and pain and sadness we all fortunately shared with our was... With such candor bond like he didn ’ t argue with you, hugs to... Thankfully his temperament is so wonderful that your little Lucy through no fault of her day is to. Exceptional care you must have been hoping ginger would go out of many if ’... This off my chest around here who can relate to so many things that she is experiencing much... Around gets stuck constantly behind furniture or under an end, but that... Been fine since then and local veterinarian for dog medical advice of coordination, pacing and roaming around house. We miss our baby, my intelligent pup, is gone and don! How or if I ’ m not alone in this greatest of losses month. The judgment of others matter when I question my angel ’ s becoming more and maybe I. Knows they are there much effect on the difficult times, then she just wanders aimlessly. Canine dementia… confusion, disorientation, dementia aside terribly traumatized so her dementia had much effect on the day would.