Factors responsible for silk industry in India and China. Jute is one of the important natural fibers after cotton in terms of cultivation and usage. There are always three conditions that we want to pay attention to when we’re trying to use a sample to make an inference about a population. Conditions for inference. It thrives well in areas with well distributed rainfall of 2,500 mm spread over vegetative growth period of the crop with no cloudiness. Any sample we take needs to be a simple random sample. West Bengal, Bihar and Assam grow jute extensively. Random sampling. Jute is a crop of humid tropical climates. Normal condition, large counts the 2 jute producing countries r India and Bangladesh. Describe the geographical conditions required for the growth of rice. Its largest producer is Karnataka followed by Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Jharkhand and Arunachal Pradesh. Almost 85% of the world's jute cultivation is concentrated in the Ganges Delta.. The leading state producer of sugarcane (ii)Largest jute producing state View Solution play_arrow; question_answer64) The climatic condition for Jute Cultivation is mentioned below : Temperature: 25°C is ideal for jute cultivation. Bangladesh and India are the two chief jute producing countries. [CBSE 2016-17] Comment. Rainfall: 150 cm to 200 cm rainfall is essential for jute cultivation. Name one important beverage crop and specify the geographical conditions required for its growth. 5) Jute: It is also known as golden fibre. Hot and moist climate is ideal for jute. Thus, a direct approach makes the value chain shorter and at the same time allows more control by the producer on how the final customer experiences the product or service offered. This fertile geographic region is shared by both Bangladesh and India (mainly West Bengal). Where in a direct distribution strategy a producer can access the consumer, in an indirect distribution strategy, the producer will meet its consumer demands via third-parties wholesalers or retailers.. The profit margins of businesses depend on how … grows well on well-drained fertile soils in the flood plains where soils are renewed every year.high temperature is required. Jute is a cash crop of hot and moist climate. Mention any two geographical conditions required for the growth of maize crops in India. Conditions for the normal model for distribution The normal model for distribution should fulfil three mandatory conditions in order to find out mean and standard deviation of sample proportion. Question 14. Describe any three factors which have contributed to increase the maize production. Distribution management is an important part of the business cycle for distributors and wholesalers. Locations with a mean rainfall of <1,000 mm, incessant rainfall and waterlogging are not suitable for its cultivation. Given an account of the natural fiber based textile industry in India and factors responsible for its distribution. China also has a dominating place in jute cultivation. From Osaka to Mumbai, From Shanghai to Lancashire, the factors responsible for the growth of textile industry have been one and same. Climatic conditions, soil and distribution of pulses - definition Pulses form a very important part of the Indian diet. Conditions for growing Jute plant: Temperature: 25°C is ideal for jute cultivation.. Rainfall: 150 cm to 200 cm rainfall is essential for jute cultivation.Moisture in the wind is necessary. Dry light soil is required for cultivation of pulses. The I ndependence Assumption : It is mandatory that individuals or samples from a population are independent from each other. In this paper, we have synthesized satellite‐derived land cover data and agricultural census data to produce global data sets of the distribution of 18 major crops across the world. Cultivation is dependent on the climate, season, and soil. The resulting data are representative of the early 1990s, have a spatial resolution of 5 min. Often we’ll be told in the problem that sampling was random.
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